Teknology born out of passion

Ekstek xp, which makes 24/7 uninterrupted production with 4000 m2 closed area, is the sector leader with exports to 4 continents / more than 25 countries.

100% local

Welcome to Ekstek XP, the pride of Turkey and the leader of the sector.

100% national

Ekstek Xp realizes all of its production with national resources and domestic capital.

Fast production capability with a wide production range from 160 mm to 1005 mm diameter and state-of-the-art machinery.
Unique design for each customer and test with simulation before production


Ekstek XP Aims to Grow with the Understanding of a Sustainable Future

Leading position with the principle of sustainability It strengthens its sustainability strategy by providing value to the environment, economy, society, business partners and employees with its 37 years of experience.

It increases efficiency by managing business processes, investments and organizational structure, and adopts a human and environmentally friendly approach when developing new products.


We manufacture the quality products we need with advanced technology within the framework of the standards we set. The fact that our system progresses completely in parallel with technological innovations enables us to do this.

Together with the R&D department, we are able to apply different cutting techniques in line with the needs of our customers and help them achieve the aluminum printing flow speeds they want.

Teknology born out of passion


Measurement precision, practical modeling, molding at levels that cannot be achieved with classical methods It uses geometries that are difficult to transition and model.Thanks to our 3D CAD, you can easily can be modeled and integrated into the production process. can be transferred.


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